The Best Signage Provider in Whole Canada

If you are looking for the best signage service provider in Canada you have come to the right place. We at Signs Outlet is Canada-based Signage solutions company. This company is a signage service provider. We at Signs Outlet are into this business from last 13 years and we are the experienced and trustworthy company. This company was founded by two engineers aiming to provide signage service to all over Canada. We deal with many types of client from local clients to big corporate business client and we are famous for our quality service. We have more than 25,000 clients all over Canada. We at Signs Outlet always use modern and innovative technology and process for our services. We are into from designing, manufacturing and installing. Our company is not restricted to one product or one service we deal with many services. Our products include Business Signs, Safety and Parking Signs, Interior Signs, Exhibition Stands, LED Displays, Exterior Signs, Vinyl Banners, Channel Letters, Labels and Decals, Business card, Digital Commercial Displays, Panels and Lecterns, Menu board, golf sign, electric sign (Bag Signs), Parking signs safety signs, chargeable letters, Neon signs etc.


Channel Letters are made of plastic or metal mainly used for signage in public or commercial buildings. Type of LED Channel letters is mention below.

Open Channel: It is a kind of channel letter with internal lighting. It provides a change in color in day and night. In daylight the lighting usually ineffective. The open channel is a channel letter with internal lighting.

Closed face or standard channel letter:  This type of channel letter is covered with pigmented plastic or decorated plastic, either matching or contrasting color.

Reverse Channel or Halo lit channel letter: This Channel letters is made in such a way that the lights come out from the back of the letter. It gives a clean architecture look.

Colour changing LED Channel Letter: There are two types of Colour changing LED Channel Letter. Exposed pixelled channel letter and LED channel letter with white Plexi face.

Visit our website for more information about products we deal with and if you want to contact us then our email id and contact number is given in our website. For a quote kindly fill the form given on the website and send us. We will get back to you at earliest. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Be your own boss with our franchise.


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