LED Signs – Few Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Them

So you have finally decided to buy a LED signage for your business? If yes, now you should shortlist few suppliers and compare their services and quote. In addition to the internet-based research, you should ask them few simple questions that will help you in purchasing the LED signs. Here, in this article we have discussed few simple questions you should ask before buying right LED signs for your business.


For how long you have been serving this industry? The first question to ask them is about their experience in the industry. Follow the agenda of the more the better!

Do you offer any warranty? Another question to put on is the warranty. Companies gain the trust of consumers by offering warranties on the products. So, it is very important to choose the one that offers a warranty.

Do the LED signs use Hybrid technology? Ask them whether the signs sold by them feature hybrid individual pixel technology. The signs that are manufactured using this technology have individually replaceable pixels.

How many signs have you sold till date? By this question, you can judge the credibility of the company. You can also ask for the sample works they have produced for previous clients.

Do the LED signs are robust and durable? Check for the sign face material they have used. Usually, good companies use unbreakable polycarbonate.

So, these are few questions you should ask the supplier while purchasing LED signs. There are many suppliers that are selling a wide range of signage solutions. Signs Outlet is one of the leading signage solutions providers company that specializes in offering a large variety of designing, manufacturing and installing sign solutions at very affordable rates. You can visit the website to know more details. Best of Luck.


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