Mounting Channel Letters for Business signs

These days, channel letters are gaining huge popularity. These letters are widely used for making various business signs. They are also known as neon letters and are immensely used in different commercial premises such as shopping malls, stores, offices, gyms etc. The main purpose of using them is to attract customers. They are very glossy and polished, thus never fail to captivate the customers.  They are made up of metal such as aluminum, steel etc. with a front face made up of plastic. They have LED lights or neon illumination inside them.


If you want to buy one, first choose the material you want to purchase, aluminum is better because it is light in weight, resistant to rust. Though it is costly than steel but it has very good features and specifications. Then the front face is designed and created and after that, all the parts are assembled along with neon lights and attached to a transformer to light them as per the mounting method.

There are mainly two ways in which channel letters can be mounted i.e. individual mounting and raceway mounting.

Individual Mounting: in this, the letters are directly laid on the wall and then drilling is done to hang them and run electricity to light them. This method takes time and is costly.

Raceway Mounting: in this, the letters are laid on a rectangular box which is termed as a raceway and are drilled and fixed on the raceway. It is easy to install raceway box and is not as costly as an individual mounting method.

So, these are two methods in which channel letters can be mounted. As per the research, individual mounting letters look more attractive than raceway letters. However, it totally depends on the business owner’s choice to use the appropriate mounting method. Hope this article will help you. Best of Luck.


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