Things You Should Know About Channel Letter Signage

These days, channel letters are gaining huge popularity. Because of their enormous benefits, businesses have started using them as a signage or to display information. These letters are illuminated with neon lights. They are perfect for attracting the customers passing by the road.

In the night, these neon light letters shine at their best and can be easily seen from a far distance. They never fail to captivate the visitors by its allure. Businesses are buying channel letters to attract a large number of customers. Moreover, their mounting method and installation are very easy.  There are various types in which these channel letter signage can be mounted.


The two main types are individual and raceway mounting. As the name suggest, individual mounting is the one where individual letters are mounted on a signage whereas, in raceway mounting, the letters are attached to a rectangular box that is called as a raceway and then the box is mounted. Among both the types, individual mounting is tough to install and is costly as well and raceway mounting is easy to install.

These channel letters are available in various designs, styles, and colors. They come in features like flame resistant, arching etc. Once installed, they do not require any maintenance and are very economical to purchase.  You can choose from various types of channel letters available in the market. Few common types are standard letters, open face, reverse letters etc.

If you are a proud business owner and want to capture more and more customers for your business, you should buy these channel letters to advertise your business. However, it is very important to approach an experienced manufacturer and seller. They have expertise in handling different channel letter signage projects. Sign Outlet Inc. is one of the leading providers of business signage and solutions. To know more, you can visit the website. Hope this article will help you. Good Luck.


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