Increasing Craze of Neon Signs In The Market

Georges Claude is the inventor of neon signs. He introduced the signs in 1910. In the starting, neon signs were available only in red color. With time, these became available in several other colors as well. If we talk about the present, today, these signs are available in more than 150 vibrant colors. They have now become a great source for businesses to create a brand identity in the market. Just go to market and then you will see most of the businesses using these signboards to attract their target audience in the market. In simple words, they have become a tool for businesses to get noticed.


Custom neon signs are used to create catchy advertisement. The bright colors illuminated with lights create a great feeling in the viewers. You can see such catchy advertisement almost everywhere. Now, these signs are highly used in entertainment world as well. In most of the animation movies, the characters are seen in neon beer signs. They are used in various products as well. If you go to market, you can see neon clocks, bar signs and retro dinner signs.

If you check the trend of last few years, you will notice one thing that business owners are taking great interest in creating signage to show the location, marketplace products, and their USPs.

Various studies done about the effect of neon signboards on the mind of customers have shown that most of the customers have accepted that exciting ads on neon signs do attract their attention. You are also a customer; just think how they influence you.

If you have not used neon signs for your business promotion and creating your business identity in the market, do think about the same seriously. They can do great help to you in your business.



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