Make Your Business Shine With LED Channel Letters

The hardship and toil that you have put in setting up your business is worth everything, you business definitely need some light to shine on. Now, with LED channel Letters light up the business with illuminated letters. It gives a very professional look to your restaurant, shop or any other commercial business, attracting more crowds with the illuminated letters. The 3D crafted letters representing your business looks beautiful with high visibility both during day and night.

Basics About Channel Letters

They are simple and creative design to light up your business in most attractive way. The channel letters are individual 3D letters, mostly built using aluminium material. They can be custom designed as per your requirement. It is covered by transparent plastic material. The individual 3D letters or shapes are integrated with LED lighting inside it that illuminates during night. Usually individual letters are mounted on a panel which is loaded on the exterior or interior wall of the company. They can be customised for addition of various designs.


Advantage Of Using Channel Letters

The major benefit of using the LED based channel letters is creating bold, beautiful and illuminated customised designs for business identification. With the LED lights inside the channel letters and shapes, the 3D sign stands out.

  • It is mostly used for outdoor lighted signs as it attracts people with the bright illumination that shines visibly during night.
  • It last long with any specific maintenance and is majorly a one-time investment for your business.
  • Customised designs and letters can be used on the panel with its use both in the interior and exterior of the business space.
  • It is clearly visible during night and can be viewed from a distance that makes you business look class apart.
  • It is environment – friendly and as it consumes less voltage and power.


The best part of using channel letters is it can be designed in customised way and give bold impression to your business. There are various types of channel letters like open channel letters that have internal lighting, reverse channel letters with light glows behind the letter or design etc that can be used as your business identifier. They are bold, beautiful and give your business identity even from far. Many companies that have used channel letters have progressed faster as bigger brands with high degree of visibility both during day and night.


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