Types of Signage to Consider

Building Signs

If you are particularly in a business center or plaza, the proper signage on your building can help customers recognize where you are located and where they should park your vehicles utilizing Parking sign. It needs to be big enough to grab the attention of customers and match your branding. If the building you are located in has any limitations on major signage, decals or window signs can also help recognize your position. If you own your own building, you may also want to use additional signs to show which entrances lead to performance areas, offices, classrooms, etc.

Street View or Mounted Signs

There are a lot of regulations imposed by local government especially for the signs that face the street to mark your location, advertise your business or catch the attention of drivers. The factors that involve government regulations are the wattage of any lighting on the sign, how close the sign can be to the road, and can even regulate the height, colors, and dimensions of the sign itself.


Interior Signs

This most commonly refers to name placards, room numbers, department signs or simply general signs on the interior of a building which help customers in finding their path. Consistency and strategic placement are the objectives with interior signs to provide direction and develop a quick learning curve for new customers who are directing towards your building the first time. It is important to clearly mark areas such as employee only areas, emergency exits, Reception signs, restrooms, and shelters. While smaller businesses may need to invest less in these types of signage.

Rigid Signs, Banners, and More

These types of signage are used for special events, teams, promotions, and other less permanent sign installments. The benefits to these signs are that they are portable and can be easily replaced. Since, they are designed to be only temporary, the probabilities of having to replace one or two of them before they have become outdated are higher. There is also less possibility that these will be used outside for a long period of time without showing signs of wear.


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