A detailed explanation of channel letters (Continued)

I hope you might have understood the idea of what I am going to talk about from the title itself. Yeah! This the continued part of the last blog in which we were talking about Channel letters and its types on the basis of different factors. These letters are generally useful to identify the place from far mostly in the night time. As these glowing letters are easy to recognize from the far.  So the other three types are as follows.

Led Lighted Letters: Light-emitting diodes aka LEDs are now the most famous illuminating option which is suggested by every retailer. These lights require very less amount of time on maintenance and they also consume very less amount of energy to light up. They magically work in mostly all types of the temperature range.


Raceway Mounted Letters: In this type of signboard the letters are mounted on a rectangular aluminum box which is generally called as a raceway. Raceway has everything needed by the letters to light up such as electronic components and wiring. In the process, all the letters are mounted on the board and then the board is mounted on the wall or stand wherever it needs to be mounted.

Direct Mounted Letters: Direct mounted letters is the same thing which you are thinking. These letters are directly mounted on the building and the wiring is done in the wall then gets connected to the board inside the building. It gives a more elegant look but takes a bit of more time than others to get mounted.

Apart from these, there are few more types like wireway mounting of the letters in this process the letters are mounted on the frame made from the wires. Channel letters are the best method to influence the customer on road.  If you have noticed then you might remember that most of the diners have this form of boards are big buildings also these ones too. it can be seen from far with ease.


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