What to Consider When Designing Reception Sign for Office

When you first visit an office, the very first place where you usually enter is the reception area. This is a calm place where you will see a few signs and some slogans that may give you some idea about the organization from which you might develop the first impression about the company. This is also the place where a reception sign with company information including name and company logo is also placed to indicate the office name. Some sign boards also show direction and departments, divisions, and entryways of the office.

Many kinds of sign boxes are available in the market, but picking one for the office reception area with right design and size is not an easy task. One should do this with a lot of care. You must be thinking about how sign boxes work together. You must be also thinking about what size sign board will serve your purpose or you need to consider a unified signage for your reception area. For the best advice, you can consult with an experienced signage designer for the design.


When you are looking for a sign manufacturer, you will come to know that most of the manufacturers have their in-house sign designers which actually design sign boxes for the clients. Many sign box manufacturers offer free of cost consultation service to the client, while some allow taking the help of their designers only when you pay for the service. These designers also design the shopping mall signs, that are used for promotional purposes by the shop owners. In both the case, it is best to take the advice from an expert on the design and size of the reception sign, so to give a lavish look to the interior of your office.

Main types of Sign board are normally seen in the reception area of the office. The main are as follows:

  1. Directories

This type of sign normally carries the name of the person who is managing certain office or department in the office.

  1. Directional Signs

These signs are normally seen in the reception areas and entry gate of the building. The purpose of installing the sign at the places is to help the people finding the facility or room without getting the assistance of anyone for the direction.

These sign board also have the direction sign just to help the visitors where to go. In fact, these boards are placed in many different places and on different floors of the building to help the visitor.


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