Navigation Signs Helps In Easing the Way

Let me ask this question before starting my perceptions or presumptions about the topic. Have you been to any big parks or amusement parks? I hope the answer is yes then my second question which follows the first one is what was the best part of your experience there if we exclude the food and rides? Just think then read my opinion if it matches then its best if not then please let me know what I can change. I have been to several amusement parks at some places the experience was awesome whereas at some places it was bad. And you know what the difference in experience was not solely based on the food or rides or crowd but rather their navigation system.

Navigation signs like Neon signs, left-right direction signs or prohibition signs, etc are the necessary part of any event which involves large space and kids. If you are with a kid and don’t know where to go and how then your good experience will start changing into a frustrated one. Whatever I am suggesting or telling, it is coming from firsthand experience. Can you imagine your kid asking for an ice cream and you don’t know the way to shop because there is no sign boards or Free Standing Signs containing the map of the whole park?


This problem is not limited to parks only that was my way to make people aware of things, in reality, this problem is spread all over the place like departmental store as soon as you are in you will be lost among the things and won’t be able to recall the main reason you were there for, as there are no boards indicating the sections of the products or the way to those sections. I went to a seminar in a very reputed hotel of the town approx. 15 days back. Since it was my first time to that place I thought to check the map online so that I don’t get lost. But you will not believe that guys were so organized that they sign boards flooding everywhere. As soon as I entered the street I saw the parking sign which told me the way to park my car among other cars coming to that particular event. Then when I reached the lobby of the hotel there were Lobby signs indicating which hall belongs to which purpose.



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