Few Common Mistakes in Sign Designs

Be it words simply written on a frame or a live design of LED signs both of them are required to follow few unsaid rules in order make their design more attractive and sensible. Few weeks bask I saw a digital sign board with hundreds of flaws. Those flaws made the signage a topic of criticism instead of attracting the customers. By considering those flaws only I wanted to discuss the common mistakes we do in our designs of digital signs or wayfinding signs. These mistakes happen because the software anyone uses to create designs is competent to do everything and people make use of this facility in a single design. People need to understand that if the software can do everything that doesn’t mean it has to.


  • The design was divided into too many sections or zones which were making the design complicated and confusing. If the person looking the design do not know about the company first hand then he can’t understand what is written on the signage. Well, this thing tells us that the design should be restricted to few sections only. We have to make it easy not hard.
  • Fonts are the main problem with most of the designs, be it the font of the tagline or any other thing written on the Sign box. The font size of the words written should be such that it can easily be read by the people having healthy eyesight along with those who have a little bit of number in their eyesight.
  • The color scheme also matters in the case of these designs in the ways. Bright colors attract eyes but you can’t use them everywhere. One has to check that where this sign board is going to be used, what are the light arrangements there, etc.
  • The color of text and the background should be compatible with each other. If you will write text with white color on the white background then nobody will be able to read the text. So think before you design a signage.

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